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I am retired from the York/Poquoson Sheriff's Office after 24 1/2 years. I am currently employed at Weymouth Funeral Home in Newport News VA and Riverside Hospital also in Newport News. I am president and co-founder of the York County Historical Society. I am also on the York County Historical Museum Board, associate member of the York County Historical Committee, Poquoson Historical Society, Nicolas Maritau Decsendants Association, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution,West Virginia Genealogical Society and the U.S.S. Yosemite AD-19 Veterans Association. I am also a thirty year Parrothead. I am a 12th generation York County native even though I was born in Cocoa Beach FL.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mary Rooksland Shield
This is a photo of a painting of Mary Rooksland Shield. I got it several years ago from my cousin Evelyn Shields. Mary was my 5th great-grandmother. She was born about 1800 and died in the 1870s. She was married at least four times. She either was born in Baltimore or moved there as a young child. She married Jesse Huffington there and later moved to York County. She is the link to her descendant's linages to George Reade and Nicolas Martiau. She also descends from English royalty.
Mary Rooksland Shield was said have been a medicine woman. She would make up herbal cures for various ailments that struck the local people.
In 1965, Dolly Vick wrote a book on the ancestors and decsendants of Mary Rooksland Shield. It was through looking in this book that I was able find out about my great-mother Green's ( Diana Hopkins (Todd)ancestry and my many cousins in the Poquoson area.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are related.I am a descendent of Mary by the Cox or Mattox line. We still have a great amount of relatives in the Poquoson, and Keohougtan area.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Debra Hunt Sterling said...

Mary Shield was my 4th great grandmother. Her Daughter Mary Ann Dixon was my 3rd great grandmother. Mary Ann Dixon married Curtis Hunt. Their son William Eugene Hunt was my great grandfather. We are distant cousins. I live in Poquoson, Virginia. Debra Hunt Sterling

6:17 PM  
Blogger Kimberly R. Watkins said...

My great grandmother, Sarah Wilson Watkins, who's father was Wilton Wilson, is my family's connection to Mary. We used to have a copy of Dolly Vick's book but I don't know what happened to it. Does anyone know if it can be found somewhere? Also, does anyone in the family know the connection between Wilton Wilson and Mary R. Shield?

6:57 AM  

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