Location: York County, Virginia

I am retired from the York/Poquoson Sheriff's Office after 24 1/2 years. I am currently employed at Weymouth Funeral Home in Newport News VA and Riverside Hospital also in Newport News. I am president and co-founder of the York County Historical Society. I am also on the York County Historical Museum Board, associate member of the York County Historical Committee, Poquoson Historical Society, Nicolas Maritau Decsendants Association, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution,West Virginia Genealogical Society and the U.S.S. Yosemite AD-19 Veterans Association. I am also a thirty year Parrothead. I am a 12th generation York County native even though I was born in Cocoa Beach FL.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is a 1909 photo of Providence Methodist Church in the Dare area of York County.
The church was first built in the 1840s on land donated by the family of Edward Davis. During the majority of the Civil War,York County was under the occupation of the Union Army. These troops would dececrate local churches, often using them for stables and later tearing them down. Many York County churches had to be rebuilt from the ground up. The people of Fish Neck (as Dare was called in those days) approached the Union general Erasmus Keyes and asked their church be spared the fate of other York County churches and not be destroyed or vandalized. General Keyes issued in order that Providence Church not be molested in any manner. The church is this photo is the second church building.


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Datz so WRONG to rip down a church... Datz actually destroying 1 of God's homez! But of course it's alright 4 da army (ahem) ;-) PEACE

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